Algorithms transform data into insights. Challenge is proving those insights are trustworthy.

MIOTIFY  offers a platform for algorithm integrity.

Introducing MIOTIFY
a web-based platform specifically designed to enable the use of algorithms in software at scale using a standardised ‘Compliant Component’ approach. Initially built and adopted for medical software.


Transforming Data

Algorithms are used to transform input data into actionable insights and play a key role in enabling data driven decisions. Algorithms are trusted when their outputs are understood and explainable, which becomes increasing challenging to achieve with more complex algorithms. Before allowing any algorithms into an ecosystem to inform decision making, regulators need evidence from innovators that demonstrates the integrity of the outputs generated by an algorithm. Documenting control over the design and risks of an algorithm adds cost and complexity but is essential to ensure any outputs generated are fit for purpose, especially in regulated markets.


MIOTIFY’s platform guides users through a design control framework for configuring algorithms into a standardised format for release and reuse as a Compliant Component that consist of a package of externally deployable code with a corresponding evidence package to aid regulatory compliance and demonstrate quality assurance in software intended to be used to inform or drive a clinical decision.

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